• Sanded wood siding (real wood)

  • Galvanized coated corrugated roofing

  • Slanted/lean to roof

  • Heavy weatherproofing/seal treatment throughout

  • Coop clean out door

  • Elevated coop from ground for additional run space

  • Outside access egg door

  • Roosting pole inside coop

  • “Jack Chicken” paint scheme

  • Custom UV “Jack Chicken” vinyl decal

  • Faux exhaust stack

  • Pneumatic all-terrain wheels/tires

Options Available to Customize this Coop:

  • Pop-out nesting box with outside access egg door ~  +$180

  • Peaked roof  ~  +$150

  • Composite corrugated thermal roof (available in several colors) ~ +$100

  • Additional Window Opening ~ +$65

  • Flower Box ~ +$75 and up depending on size

  • Ramp door (the ramp is also a door that can close and stow out of the way) ~  +$90

  (*$1395.00 is the as pictured price - additional options are available below & certain above features can be removed or changed, such as the type of roofing, etc. Dimensional changes can be made as well.)

  If you can dream it, then we can build it! We can build you this identical coop with run or you can use it as a springboard for your own unique custom backyard chicken coop design. The configuration, door & window placement, and dimensions are entirely up to you as all of our chicken coops are custom built to your specifications.

Chicken Coop Design - Your Dream Coop

"Jack Chicken" Tractor Coop


  • 3' wide x 6' long (not including handles) x 4' tall