Options Available to Customize this Coop:

  • Pop-out nesting box with outside access egg door ~  +$240

  • Peaked roof  ~  +$185

  • Paint/Stain/Weatherproofing ~  price varies depending on needs - call for a quote

  • Additional Window Opening ~ +$65

  • Window ~ 24" x 24" sliding with screen ~  +$180

  • Faux shutters ~ +$110 per set

  • Flower Box ~ +$75 and up depending on size

  • Paver foundation ~  +$100 & up depending on ground condition, paver style or bricks used

  • Wire underlay (for ground burrowing predators) ~ +$95

  • Automatic Coop Door ~ $420

  (*$4325.00 is the as pictured price - additional options are available below & certain above features can be removed or changed, such as the type of roofing, etc. Dimensional changes can be made as well.)


  • T1-11 textured/planked siding

  • Custom mixed stain/seal throughout

  • Lean-to roof

  • Thermal composite corrugated roofing

  • Large coop clean out door

  • Elevated coop from ground for additional run space

  • Pop-out nesting box with exterior access

  • Roosting pole inside coop


  • 5' wide x 10' long x 6' tall at highest point

  If you can dream it, then we can build it! We can build you this identical coop with run or you can use it as a springboard for your own unique custom backyard chicken coop design. The configuration, door & window placement, and dimensions are entirely up to you as all of our chicken coops are custom built to your specifications.

Chicken Coop Design - Your Dream Coop


Exotic Garden Chicken Coop