Meena P.

Relationship: Client Project


We ordered a coop from Jason with a couple of customized options. From the start of the process to the delivery of the coop and the four chickens (organically raised), the service and attention to detail was outstanding. We recommend Jason's company to all our impressed friends.

Kathleen Suros

Relationship: Client


Jason, owner and creator of IBCrazycoops is a gem and my family for whom he built a customized Tractor Coop calls him our "Chicken Guru". He was recommended to us by family friends, also completely satisfied with his work,and we found him helpful, professional, available and on time with the delivery that  co-ordinated with the arrival of our hens. We have consulted with him at various Hen raising stages and he always replies and spends generous time to quell our anxieties ever so respectfully!. Customer satisfaction and follow through is much appreciated for this wonderful Grandmother/Granddaughter project, enhanced by our Guru.


KJ Whitcomb

Relationship: ClientProject

The coop we ordered is beautiful. The design of it is exactly what we wanted and envisioned. The price was what was quoted and it was delivered on time. A+++ construction. Many thanks. 

Customer Reviews


M. W. Garner

Relationship: ClientProject

Jason & his company are amazing! We love the chicken coop/run and chicken tractors he has built for us. We've had no predators enter, the coop/run & tractors are beautiful - and match our home and yard perfectly, they were very professional, very reasonably priced - everything we had hoped for and more! We highly recommend IB Crazy Coops!

(**This coop was front page featured in the San DIego Union Tribune Home & Garden Section in an article called "Farming It Out".**)

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Ryan Jiles

Relationship: ClientProject

I hired Jason to build my chicken coop, and together we came up with the symmetrical garden chicken coop you see here on the site as "Center of Attention Coop". I can't say enough about Jason and his craftsmanship. He was patient and listened to my input, and the result is the awesome coop you see. It was to match the preexisting shed in the backyard and be a centerpiece - not an afterthought. Mission accomplished. It is the envy of chickens everywhere. Thanks Jason - still loving the coop. I think next I'm going to grow hops in the garden bed to shade the chickens and share with my beer making friends.


Tara Brown

Relationship: ClientProject

Jason at IB Crazy Coops made my coop and run based on my design ideas - I wanted a modern gray structure to match my home, with a living roof. He is a talented carpenter and I think he could pretty much build any chicken structure imaginable. He also provided the chickens, organic food, bedding, and the feeding and watering containers. I knew nothing about chicken breeds, only that I wanted bantams, or miniatures. He asked what I wanted the chickens for and I told him for pets and eggs. He picked out 3 breeds that have been perfect for my kids. We love having them. * On the website, look for photos under "Modern Living Garden Coop" and under the website you look for photos under  "PB modern chicken".